Everyone wants to come to the first page of Google search. Because on the first page, hopefully, the number of organic traffic increases. But the issue of coming to this first page is not so easy.
Again, considering the current situation of our country, it does not seem to be so difficult. This is because our competition is less. Most traders mostly do Facebook-centric trading. There are not many websites yet. From that position, we can say that the competition is less. And when the competition is low then the businessmen should make their position there, so that there is good cooperation in the future. Because the contest is less true today but the competition in the front will certainly increase without any doubt.
Thinking about Google search first, whether or not Keyword has been selected? I’m assuming you’ve selected Keyword. So in the ranking of the rankings, Google raised more attention to the issues that I have noticed
(If you want to know about Keyword Selection, you can read this article:)
Google Ranking Factors
Google Ranking Factors

1. Domain

Earlier there was a time when the Exact Match Domain had a lot of time, but now Google does not have much to say about it. But when the competition is high, Google focuses on this issue. In the domain of Google, Google focuses on two issues; One, the Age of Domain, two, whether the keyword is in the domain. The domain name of the business website is always the name of the brand, in this case, there is no need to worry about whether there is a keyword in the domain.
(Note, Domain Name is not too big)

2. Keyword in URL

When other pages are created without the homepage, keep in mind that the keyword should be in the URL. (Keyword is in slug).
Eg – helploggerbd.com/DigitalMarketingTraining
Here, the slug is meant to mean digital marketing training and digital marketing training is the keyword at this URL.

3. Title Tag / Meta Title

Title tag must have a keyword. But the important thing is that if you have the first keyword of Title Tag, you will get more benefits. So title tag should be written in such a way that Title Tag will have the keyword first.

 4. Description Tag / Meta Description

In the case of ranking, Google does not give much importance to Tag Tag Description. But when there is more competition in the Keyword field then Google is paying attention. Apart from the Description Tag, a user can easily understand what’s on this page, increasing the potential of targeted traffic and increasing the click.

5. H1

The article must be H1 and the keyword is given as H1. After the Google Title tag, H1 is preferred. Keep in mind that the sub-heading also has a keyword.

6. Content-Length and Keyword Limitation

In my opinion, an article should be at least 800 words. The following article of the 800 word does not seem to be an article. And Keyword Limit is 0.7% – 0.9%. That is, if you write an article of 1000 words, you get the chance to write Keyword 7-9 times.
But the biggest thing here is that Google likes big articles. And in the case of rankings, the category is preferred. If you want to stay on Google’s preference and want to stay in VIP way different from the competition, you will need to write 3000+ words article. And easily understand that article writing of 3000+ words means that getting the chance to bring Keyword more often in the article.
Here are some more things to say, big article writing means that you can easily work with a few keywords, this means the chance of getting ranked with some keyword and getting more traffic.
(Remember, content is unique)

7. Image Optimization

We do not look at this topic in most cases. But Google’s Image Search provides much traffic and Google optimizes Image Optimization. So when uploading an image, the file name of the image must be done and alt altitude will be provided and keep in mind that the keyword is in the alt attribute.

8. Internal and External Link

Try to use at least one External Link and one more internal link in your article.

 9. Bold, Italic, Underline

In the article, enter your targeted Keyword once, then italic and once with the underline.

10. Image and Video

You must use more than one image in your article. And share a video. The video is from your YouTube Channel and the video is the subject of the article. You can use the infographic to attract users.

11. Comment

When there are many comments in an article, it is obviously assumed that the user liked the article and wanted to know something new or thank you. Google has got this topic in the case of positive ranking. But you should always be careful, in no way do Spam Comment.

12. Page Loading Speed

If you take more time to open pages then you can lose traffic. And because of this, you might have to stay away from the rank or get down from the rank after getting the rank.

 13. Mobile Optimized and AMP

Today almost everyone uses the Internet through mobile. Some people use the internet only through mobile, and others use the Internet with the mobile as well as the desktop. So, through your developer, make sure that your website is Mobile Optimized. The use of AMP for Mobile Optimization will move your website forward.

 14. Reading Level

Previously there was not much emphasis on Reading Level. But now it is an important issue. If the readability level is bad, you can lose traffic and simultaneously become negative in Google’s eye. Those who use the Yoast Plugin in WordPress will see the Yoast Readability Level. Readability level is basically based on Sentence Sorting.


Websites via SSL Certificate are included under HTTPS. And this is positively close to Google.

16. Terms of Service and Privacy Pages

 Of course, keep these two pages on your website. Many of us who work with blogging do not place these two pages but it is important to have these two pages. Apart from these two pages, you will never get Google Adsense approval.

17. Google Analytics and Google Search Consol

Use Google Analytics to get website traffic information and to get information about any notice or website from Google and to add a quick search engine, please list your website at Google Search Consol.

18. Bounce Rate

If you once got a rank it does not mean that you will be in that rank all the time. Google can also take you up from your rank and take it down again. Suppose you are at the front of the first page. And everyone is going to your website but it is coming back in less time and there is more time to go to the second rated website. Google will think that the second website has better content than your website, then Google will send the second website first.
This is the time to come back, due to this the website’s Bounce Rate increased. So try to keep the Bounce Rate between 40% -60%. If you can take down more than 40%, then better.

19. Direct Traffic

Google has a lot of traffic for direct traffic. Direct Traffic is meant to mean users who came to your website before and liked your website and later came to your website directly by your own wishes.

 20. Google Chrome, Google Plus, YouTube

We know these three Google products. If you like Google, you can use its product. So always share your articles on Google Plus, use a YouTube channel. Since Google takes data from Google Chrome, if the user keeps your website in Google Chrome, then it is BIG PLUS for your website.
I have tried to highlight all the issues that have been ranked in the ranking by ranking through this article. If the article is valuable to you, then share with those who might be working. If I feel I have written or missed the information incorrectly, tell me the message, I will update the article.

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