Everyone wants to rank the website in Google. How much do we do to rank this website?. Many do not even rank after doing many things. Because there are many mistakes in their work. One of the reasons for these mistakes is that many started working on website SEO, but without knowing Google’s important ranking factor. For that matter, you need to know first whether or not a website will rank.
Google Website Ranking
Google Website Ranking
1. Domains are a factor in Google ranking. Although not a big issue but also to be considered.
2. In the domain, the keyword serves as a reliability signal, so when buying a domain, try to buy the domain associated with the keyword.
3. If there are any country extensions in the domain (eg .bd, .cn, .pt, that domain will rank well for that country but the field is limited to the wider rankings.
4. URL of a website plays a role in website ranking. If the URL is too long, then it’s scary for the ranking.
5. The use of keywords in the URL is good for ranking. It releases relational signals.
6. The title helps the keywords to rank a website. This is the second important issue of a page. The title that begins with the keyword is ahead in the ranking of the other title of the keyword.
7. The H1 tag is the second most important tag that sends a relocation signal to Google. Therefore, keywords must be used in the H1 tag.
8. A website’s ranking depends on how big the content is. Google likes big content more because one of the major content is discussed in many aspects. Pillar’s article is more than Google’s value. Pillar Article is meant to be an article of 3000 words.
9. LSI keywords must be used in content. LSI keywords are synonyms or related words with keywords. For example, SEO Optimization, On page optimization, etc. related to SEO keywords are all LSI keywords. LSI keywords must be used for content for ranking.
10. In order to rank Google, the page seriously considers the speed of loading. Every HTML code and file size on the web page will affect Google ranking.
11. Copying one’s content and using another is considered to be an offense to Google. Google does not rank the website of duplicate content.
12. Image Optimization The field of Google ranking is one of the most important factors. With Google’s file name, alt tag, title, description, and caption optimization, the relation signal is available to Google.
13. Keywords Prominence is the keyword in the first 100 wards of content. If your keyword is within the first 100 wards of the content then it is good for ranking.
14. When a keyword order or keyword wizard’s ward is packed, then the keyword will rank better than the unorganized keywords. For example, “Graphic Design Tutorial” and “Tutorial of Graphic Design”, the keyword “Graphic Design Tutorial” will do a good job.
15. If there is an outbound link on the website with the authority site, it makes a significant contribution to the rankings.
16. If the content of a website contains grammar and spelling correctly, it displays quality signals.
17. The use of multimedia on the website is influenced by Google ranking, such as multimedia, images, videos, infographics, and audio. Youtube videos work as Big Plus.
18. In a page, there are several internal links with other pages, a ranking factor. Because those links reveal relationships and importance with other pages.
19. It is normal to have affiliate links on a website. But if there is a lot more affiliate links on the website then it would be difficult to rank the website.
20. Bullets and number lists make the content of a website easy for visitors. That’s why Google’s choice is to use bullets and lists on content according to large marketers.
21. Links to a good website if a website has many keywords. So ranking some keywords will help you to rank your new keywords.
22. How long the website is updated, it also affects Google ranking. Regularly updated or adding new content, its website publishes fresheners.
23. Sitemaps help Google easily index and increase visibility. So the rankings should be used to facilitate sitemaps.
24 No duplicate meta description for the website can be used.
25. One of the factors in Google’s ranking factor is that your website should be mobile optimized. Now that the number of Internet users is increasing and mobile is increasing through mobile, Google is giving priority to the mobile-optimized website.
26. Backlinks created from the old website work well for the ranking.
27 In the content, your main keyword is once bold, once italic and once underlined.
28 0.7% of the whole content is good for keeping keywords, not much.
29 If you are blogging through WordPress then you must use the Yoast plugin.

30. Do not forget to share the article with Google Plus after publishing the article.

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