The biggest bad news for every website is the fall in Google’s Penalty website. For any reason a website goes to Google Penalty then the website is no longer available in search results. As a result, a large number of visitors to that website started batching. So always have to be careful so that in no way the website is in the penalty.
Google is the world’s biggest search engine. Google users believe Google will find relevant information when searching something in Google and get quality stuff. Google believes that the value of that belief in its search results brings such good websites to the first page of the search so that the user is satisfied. That’s why Google has some policies, to rank in Google search results. The Google Website Ranked by the Affiliates If you do not have to read Google’s penalties.
The reasons for the issue of Google Penalty are:
Google penalties
Google penalties 

1. Buying Backlinks:

We all know how important a backlink is for website ranks. For that many internet marketers quickly purchase backlinks to rank the website. Many people purchase spammy backlinks when buying backlinks. The website is penalized for this spammy backlink.

2. Duplicate content:

Content for a website is live. Google will penalize your website if the content is not created by itself and steals other content.
Creating quality content is also a challenge. Because for this you have to invest a good amount of money. For that many people copy the content from any other website or create low-quality content. But this type of content is not acceptable to Google and Google offers penalties to the website. Google wants, every content is unique and informative. For that, when creating content, create unique and informative content by writing content like this.

3. H1 Tag:

The tag is one of the important parts of a website. Google uses this tag to understand what a page has been created about. But if you use additional H1 tags, then your website will not be ranked in Google Penalty. Because you’re confusing Google.

4. More links to other language websites:

A link is something that has to be always aware of. If you link to another language website for a language website then your website will be the penalty. For example, your website is written in Bengali but many of your links are on the English language website.

5. Hide Link

Links to your website should be linked to why links should be viewed and used for the visitor. Many times, when the background color of the link is mixed with the color of the link, the link is not seen or the link is hidden due to the designer’s error. Many people use the link to play games with Google. I always say that robbery is not robbed in the house, so follow the rules. This hackle link does not like Google. So the link to the website can not be used.

6. Spamming comment

Creating Backlinks or Increasing Visitors through Comments is a popular and effective strategy. But if you create comments or spam yourself, Google will penalize your website. Many people use robots to quickly post a lot of comments by linking them.

7. Using more keywords:

This mistake is seen among new internet marketers that keywords use more keywords on content than the website being randomized. This is due to Google’s penalties. Always try to have keywords natural in the art. According to Google’s rules, 0.7% of keywords can contain content.

8. Slow speed

One of the factors for speed-ranking of the website. The user does not want to visit that website if a website is late in loading. This increases the bounce rate of the website, bounce rates are much more difficult to rank in the website, even penalties can be.

9. Too many outbound links

We need to use outbound links for a lot of time, such as to increase the reliability of the content, sometimes to refer others to our outbound links, etc. Google dislikes the use of these links more often. Google thinks using outbound links to get the benefit from someone.

10. Extra Affiliate Link or Add Usage:

It is normal to have affiliate links or add links to a website. But if you use most of that link or ad website, the visitor is disturbed and the visitor is not likely to get enough information.

11. Using Blackout SEO Method

No type of Blackout SEO SEO is acceptable for Google. So if you use the Black Hat method to speed up the website and Google understands it then your website might lose ranking.

12. Quick Backlink Setting:

The backlink is the most challenging topic for a website. It is not at any short time. It requires a lot of time and fulfillment techniques. If you want to create quality backlinks then be patient. But newcomers quickly create backlinks in different ways to rank them without any patience. This issue is bad for your website.
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At the end of one thing, I can say one thing that thinking of doing something evil in front of everyone can bring bigger wounds to you. Personally, I do not have so many things in mind, I do not even remember the names of Google’s new updates, I just keep the head that whatever is to be done in an honest way, it will not hurt.

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