Digital marketing is a method of promoting goods or brands using different electronic media such as social media, Google, video, email etc. This method differs from conventional methods. This is an effective method which means that you do not like your customer’s choice, transforming a person away from you into a customer, creating a relationship with customers, etc. Digital marketing is done through a number of social media marketing such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email marketing etc.
Due to the ease of use of the internet, it is possible for all businesses to make digital marketing.
digital marketing
Digital marketing

Why Digital Marketing?

 Many people have a question that we use traditional marketing methods to promote products or businesses. Why do you need digital marketing again?
Think about what your traditional marketing means, poster / banner / leaflet / billboard / mic / tv or radio advertisement / wall writing / office visits etc. Besides, I think there is nothing remarkable. Think about how many methods of writing, what method of these can you do marketing by targeting? For example – ads for boys or advertisements for young people aged 20-28. Again, if you are in Uttara in Dhaka, it is difficult for you to sell goods in Dhanmondi because many buyers want to buy goods from their nearest shop. Now, if you think of TV or radio, then advertising costs are very high in both these ways and it is not possible for advertisers to advertise here. So you can understand, where are the problems of conventional advertising But in the digital marketing process, you can open your store online, target advertisements, and sell products by targeting the people of any part of the country as customers, creating friendly relationships with your customers and giving new offers to them easily… Besides, nowadays people watch TV less, look at the walls, take away the leaflets, but sometimes they bump online, in that case, you must take the digital marketing process as a marketer for your business.
The biggest advantage of the marketing process is that customers or customers can collect information about your product at any time from anywhere. That’s why new customers are created. It is also a marketing system that allows selling all kinds of products or services such as entertainment, sports, education, products, digital products.
Digital marketing plays a very important role in a small or new business, especially because the cost of this marketing is very low. If you know how to do digital marketing, you can still market your product by investing very little.
Digital marketing is mainly done in 4 ways. Each method targets customers in different ways, so every medium is very important. Such as:
Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization / SEO is a very popular medium for digital marketing. SEO is a method by which visitors are brought to Google. Google is a big source of all types of customers. We first used Google to find something. What we type in search is called Keyword. The website that links to the first Google search result is the most visited website. SEO is ranked in this keyword-based search result. If someone does not do SEO on his business website then he will lose a large number of visitors. Which would inhibit the profits of his business?

Social Media Marketing

 The creation of Facebook has created a virtual world called Social Media in the world. The effect of which is increasing constantly. Now people wake up and want to check what friends wrote on Facebook first, what Twitter tweeted, wants to give a picture of themselves on Instagram. That is, social media is becoming intensely involved in our lives. For this reason, if you want a large number of customers or customers at a particular place, you must have social media marketing. Social media can be attracted to more customers at a lower cost than any other medium.
Social media is one of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin etc. So marketing these must be done in social media.

Email Marketing:

In today’s time, the medium that we think is simple and safe for sharing information or files is email. Marketing through this email is called email marketing. If you think of digital marketing in the USA or any other advanced country, there is no alternative to email marketing. They prefer to do all kinds of work via e-mail because they exchange lots of emails. So this marketing is very effective. There is also considerable use in Bangladesh.

Search Engine Marketing

Who has already mentioned the search engine? Google is now popular in terms of popularity. About 2.3 million people per second use Google. For that Google needs to make search engine marketing to ensure that a lot of customers are available. Search engine marketing is a paid marketing method. Google will show links to your website before Google’s search results by searching Google for specific keywords. With which you will find Targeted Visitors. Which may become your custom. If you do not use this method, your competitors may be ahead of you by using your customer’s source.

Through the above Alchonera, it is important to understand how important all the divisions or mediums of digital marketing, ie, whole digital marketing is for your business. That will play a big role in the development of your business.

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