We all know about the Reddit. If someone wants a free visitor from the USA or the UK, then there is one of the ways of Reddit marketing. However, reducing marketing is different from all other social media. Marketing cannot be done here. If you want to be ready for marketing, you need to hear it.
In order to start Reddit marketing, there are a few things to know about newer Reddit.
reddit marketing strategy
Reddit marketing strategy

Up Vote – Down Vote:

Need to know before voting – downvoting to work on reducing? We all are familiar with using Facebook. If we like any text, picture or video on Facebook, we like it. By giving a vote of up to a vote, it is meant to give up and give a low vote. That means the means of expressing dislike is the upvotes and the downvote.


The most important thing in Reddit is Karma. The word karma is unknown to newcomers. Karma is a point. Every post is offered by the upvote down-votes. The more you earn, the more marketing can be done. If more is done then more links can be posted on the reddit and it is ranked.
Two types of Karma –
1. Post-Karma
2. Comment Karma
Posterity is available as per the maximum votes cast in a post.
And the comments that are available through the comments are commentary.


Every post has to be included in the subReddit. Your account may be banned if you do not post a re-post in the red ready or post in the wrong subReddit. For example, you will post a video of a cat’s video. Now if you post that video book (book) in subReddit, then your account will be banned. So post the Reddit and post it after watching the Reddit. To find sub-reddit easily, you can visit www.redditlist.com’s website. Here you can find sub-radiate if you search with your target.
You also need to know about some special tabs. When we open the radio, we can see a few tabs. Hot, NEW, Rising, Controversial, Top etc. Hot posts that contain the most votes are in the Hot tab. The new tab will be available in the new post. The posts that are available on the Rising Tab are doing well and are trying to Ranking and on the Controversial tab, the posts that are most discussed – are being criticized.
When you have hundreds of posterity messages, people will see and visit the posted link.
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First Step:

The easiest method to grow Karma is to get upvote by posting an interesting picture. You can take this opportunity through wallpaper post. Take an interesting wallpaper from the website of many free images.

Step 2:

After that download the wallpaper. Then the wallpaper should be checked that nobody has posted before the Reddit. Because once content is posted on the Reddit, it can be banned if it is posted again. To see if the prepayment has been posted, we have to go to http://karmadecay.com/. Visit this website and upload your wallpaper. If someone has posted before you, then you will be shown. If you do not post it, then you can post in the Reddit t.

 3rd step:

In the 3rd step, you need to post your downloaded image on a website. You have to go to www.imgur.com – on this website. Go here and have an account and post your picture with an interesting title. The title is very important. Then copy the direct link to that picture.

 4th step:

Then you need to find out before you can post it on Reddit. The easiest way to find a sub-redress is to visit www.redditlist.com. Go there and search by wallpaper. You’ll get your desired subReddit.

5th step:

At this stage, submit the wallpaper link from the imgur website to the wallpaper sub-Reddit. Here’s a title too. Give the title given on the imgur website. Then you’re done.
Do not sit in a post and post it occasionally. You have to increase patience by posting them regularly.
This is a simple and safe strait to increase your spouse. This stretch can be increased by a lot of karma. Keep your marketing in your marketing and work in this manner. Hope you get success.

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