One test showed that if a website loads 3 seconds to load, about 19% of customers are dissatisfied and 8% of the conversion rate decreases. So understand that the loading time of the website is as good as possible. If your website is ranked on Google, the longer the website loads, the more profits will be lost.
increase website loading speed
increase website loading speed
Also, the website is fast loading to a website that is a key factor for Google’s ranking. That’s why every website has to be optimized. Let’s know how to increase the loading speed of a website.

1. Use the Fast Hosting Company:

Hosting in website loading has a great effect. Do not use the hosting of a weak hosting company, just host your website at the fast hosting company, please spend more.

2. Decrease the code

Reduce each comment of HTML, white space, line breaks, and other unnecessary code from the website. Decreasing each of these means to reduce the size of your website and increase the loading speed. Also, keep the CSS code as low as possible. Javascript reduces the loading speed of websites in the code. So use as little JavaScript as possible. The script should be used below all.

3. Optimize images

Almost every website has to use different images. And the e-rammers website cannot be thought of without the image. But this image is responsible for increasing the size of a website and increasing website load time. So you must use a small size image. The image of JPEG format is best when using the image. If the picture is too large, then crop it and then use it.

4. Change Theme:

One more reason to take more time to load the website is that the theme you use can be used. Many people use popular CMS such as WordPress, Joomla and use the theme to easily create and manage websites. If you find that your theme takes longer to load the website or to create new websites, select themes that load quickly in a short time.

5. Use plugins less:

Due to the popularity of WordPress, a large number of websites are now made up of WordPress. Because of this WordPress usage, many of us have to use plugins. These plugins make a website loading time a lot. So use as little plugins as possible on the website. Be careful to use plugins again. Many times, it is not much longer than the time a website loads of 50 plugins takes place, with 10 plugins associated with the website. So if the plugin takes longer to load the website, do not use those plugins or use an alternative plugin.

6. Use Less Add:

The use of add-ons on the website should not be done more. Because each add website adds new images that need time to load.

7. Do not use extra social buttons

We all know how important is the use of social media to create website ranking and visitor. That’s why many people use social buttons. Reducing the loading speed of websites with a large number of social buttons. Besides, every social button is made with JavaScript. That also reduces the loading speed of the website. Do not use unnecessary social buttons. If you do not need to use the Reddit or Tumblr social buttons when creating a website for our country.

8. Use Redirect less:

Many times we need to redirect another URL with a URL to different needs. But this redirects HTTP additional requests during the loading of the website to redirect it. Which delay the website load. That’s why every website has to use Redirect as much as possible.

9. Remove Broken Link:

Broken links are harmful elements for a website’s ranking. So try to remove the broken link from the website. One needs to send a request for a single broken link but no results come. It’s just a waste. Due to this, the loading time of a website increases a lot and the website is harming the roaming. So make or remove broken links inactive links.

10. Use the external link to be careful

To complete a website, the website must use External links. To make different references or content more credible, use the external links to different websites or embed the link to the video. But keep in mind that external links are not too much. The website takes longer to load for additional links.

If more possible future tips will be given through the new article. If you have more tips, please share with me.

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